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Shelving Quiz
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  Directions: After you complete this online quiz, copy your results and save in a MSWord file to your folder in the Library Student Assignment Drop Box and label it "lastnameShelvingQuiz."  

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In multiple choice questions there may be more than one correct answer.



1. When should you shelf books?

Once a week.
At the end of the period.
The beginning of the period.
Whenever you get time.


2. How many books should you shelf during one class period?

A minimum of 10 unless directed otherwise by your supervisor.
A minimum of 5 unless directed otherwise by your supervisor.
None unless directed by your supervisor.
As many as you want.


3. When shelving a book that won't fit on the shelf:

Shelve it on its side with the spine facing down.
Just shelve in the oversize section
Put it back on the sorting shelves if it won't fit.
Tell your supervisor.


4. When the shelf is too full for a book to fit

Just put it back on the sorting shelf and wait.
Try to shove it in somewhere.
If possible, rearrange books on shelves above or below to make room.
Shelve it on top of the other books.

5. What should you do with a book or books that you find shelved in the wrong location?

Leave it or them where they are.
Put them on the cart to be shelved.
Shelf them in the correct location and leave your shelf marker(s).
Tell your supervisor.


6. In which section would you shelf a book that has a collection of short stories?




7. In the PHS library, a biography or autobiography is shelved


In the nonfiction section between 000 and 100.
In the 92 section.
In the B section.
In the reference section.


8. If you see a book on the shelf that looks like it needs repair (such as the spine label falling off), what should you do?

Fix it.
Post a note on it regarding kind of repair needed and place it on library student desk.
Ignore it.
Put it on the cart to be shelved.


9. What system does PHS library use for shelving books.

Put them wherever they fit.
Library of Congress.
Dewey Decimal.

10. What kind of books would you find in the 920 section?

Short story collections.
History books.
Biography collections.



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